Main types of electronic door locks

Locks and keys have protected doors and people behind them for many years but today technology has changed how doors get locked. Electronic locks are replacing traditional key lock quickly. Although there are various types of electronic door locks, there are the main types which are available in the market and will ensure your house is safe. The following are the main electronic door lock types

Keypad lock


Some people do not consider these as electronic locks but speaking technically they qualify although they are a bit different from the traditional locks. Above the doorknob or handle, there is the keypad which is usually numbered from zero to nine. When you enter the code into the keypad, the door gets unlocked. It is convenient in situations that do not need the actual physical keys. With this type of electronic lock, you do not have to dig for the key, and when there are visiting guests, you can just give them the codes to come and go without having a key. The code can be changed if there is need to do so. This type of electronic lock offers minimal convenience since they still need to touch the lock key in the code physically.

Remote access locks

This type of electronic door lock is considered the most convenient and are the only ones that can improve your home security. Locking and unlocking the door is same as using a key fob but may be used if you are not home. You can manage them from anywhere you get internet connections. This lock integrates with your home security system and offers you the most convenience and security. With these locks you may od various things such as check to ensure children locked the door when they leave, unlock the door if a service person is coming to your home like a plumber or lock the door if you forgot when you left home.

Key fob locks

keyfob lockThese look like remote car locks whereby you activate the electronic door lock with the use of fob instead of manually entering codes on the keypad. The door can be unlocked or locked by pressing the button on the fob. These are more convenient than the keypad locks since you can lock the door when you leave or unlock when you get home if you are within several feet to your door. They do not, however, work over the internet like remote access locks.

Security is key for you and your property, and you, therefore, should invest in the best electronic door locks to keep your home safe. These are the main types from which you can choose.…