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BIEAP brings together the agencies responsible for setting and enforcing environmental legislation and policy with those responsible for land and water management. Together the BIEAP partners coordinate their planning and operational decision making to ensure a sustainable future for Burrard Inlet. BIEAP partners use a consensus-based approach to finding 'made in the inlet' environmental management solutions.

The purpose of the BIEAP partnership is to focus the resources of all partners on establishing a management framework to facilitate the coordination of activities intended to protect and improve the environmental quality of Burrard Inlet within the context of sustainability.

The primary objectives of BIEAP are:

  • Reduce the existing contaminant discharges to Burrard Inlet
  • Control future discharges to Burrard Inlet to limit the potential for adverse impacts to the environment
  • Pursue the protection and enhancement of habitat values to the overall net benefit of the environment within Burrard Inlet, and
  • Identify, where appropriate, measures to remediate existing impacts within Burrard Inlet.

BIEAP Partners:

Burrard Inlet Environmental Action Plan
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