Available Residential Rentals in the Park

New residents want to learn more about Sherwood Park. It is a safe and affordable option for a lot of different people out there. available residential rentals in the Park will be extended to people in the know. Do some preliminary research and decide to live in the area.

That could be a big move that people want to make. Working professionals and parents will enjoy their time in the new apartment unit. That is a significant upgrade, and a lot of tenants have responded in good time. They signal their approval for the changes taking place in the rental unit.

Scope out the Floor Plan

bathroomEach apartment unit has its unique style that makes Sherwood Park special. Be choosy about apartment units now put into place. The floor plan is showcased through the website, and new tenants can do their research. They should take note of the bedroom and kitchen unit in place. That may sway their opinion about the apartment unit that they are choosing.

The square footage is listed online, and people have taken interest in the selection made available. New rentals are showcased, and people can tour inside of them in good time. That could convince tenants to stay on with Sherwood Park.

Ask About Certain Features

Every tenant wants to see a working bathroom and plenty of closet space. They want to see windows in each room and the kitchen sink installed as well. Take photos or look online for certain details with these units. These tenants are free to make decisions on their own and think through their agreement.

Tour the inside of the apartment and decide what kind of units are now available. Sherwood Park is a popular place for people to come and meet with the team. Discuss some of the new features that make the units unique.

Think About the Price Tag

writing a checkBe ready to pay monthly rent to stay in an apartment unit. Sherwood Park is worth the price tag and for a good reason too. Tenants seem to enjoy their time in the apartment unit for the duration. They are willing to sign on to new years with Sherwood park.

Availability of these units is limited to a select few options. Take proactive steps to get the best apartment unit over time. That is a popular choice people want to follow on the whole.…

neat kitchen sink

All You Need to Know About Commercial 3 Compartment Sinks

Three compartment sinks are often used in commercial establishment thanks to their versatility. You can also have them at home considering that the needs of a modern home are almost similar to those of a restaurant. Ideally, a commercial 3 compartment sink is a worthy addition especially when your sink is a busy workstation. Most homeowners especially those with these sinks do not have an idea of how to use these sinks. With that in mind, this article takes a closer look at what it takes to use these sinks.

Cleaning vs. sanitizing

cleaning on a sink

It can be of great help to look at the difference between cleaning and sanitizing. As much as the definition of these two words might seem obvious to many, understanding the difference goes a long way in enhancing the use of the sink. Ideally, sanitizing is meant to remove pathogen levels in utensils whereas cleaning is meant to remove visible elements on the surface. The only common thing with these cleaning methods is that they use chemicals or detergents and some water.

Commercial 3 compartment sink

Besides using a dishwasher, three compartments sinks are important in any kitchen. Ideally, the three compartments in this sinks are used for washing, rinsing and sanitizing in that order. This makes the dishwashing process effective.

How to use a three-compartment sink

First sink

The first sink should be filled with hot and soapy water. Before dipping your utensils on this sink, it is advisable to do some scrapings and dispose them into the garbage can. After that, immerse the utensils in this water and wash them using a brush.

Second sink

The second compartment is primarily meant for rinsing purposes. This water should be preferably filled with warm water. The essence of rinsing is to remove excess detergents from the utensils. This leaves them looking clean and also free from the aroma of the soap.

Third sink

neat kitchen sinkThe third sink is mostly used to sanitize your dishes. Here, you might fill the sink with water and add some sanitizer. When using chemicals, be sure to use approved ones and use the right amounts. The second option is to have the water maintained at high temperatures. The dishes are expected to stay here is not more than 30 seconds.

If you would like to complete your kitchen work fast and move to activities you consider important, a three-compartment sink can be an excellent addition. Pans, pots, and glassware are best washed manually. This explains why installing this sink your kitchen is necessary.…

nice roof
Home Improvement

Five Hints to Hire the Best Roofers Scarborough

Finding roofers Scarborough that you can trust with your installation or repair can be a challenging task. Many roofing companies are available online and can do a commendable job, however, choosing just any company that you come across can cost you a fortune and cause damage to your property.

If you require emergency support especially after a storm, you should make sure that you take your time to choose roofers Scarborough. The hints as discussed below will help you to identify the best roofers Scarborough.


The experience of a roofer plays a critical role in determining the type of service that they will provide. Roofers that are fresh in the industry can do a good job but, not as good as firms that have been in the business for a long time. You can search for online reviews left by the present and former clients of the company in question to discover more about their experience.

Size of project

hard jobsNot all roofing firms are cut from the same cloth, and assuming that they can handle any type of project is a tremendous mistake. For instance, if you have a big project, it won’t make any sense hiring a roofer with a few employees as they might be overwhelmed by the work. Choosing providers that can handle enormous projects if you have a big project. And that is not all.

Bigger roofing businesses are likely to ignore you if you have a tiny project. Lastly, if you have a massive project pick roofers Scarborough that don’t have a tight schedule already.

License and insurance

It’s important to request a roofing contractor to provide their license and insurance. In most states, roofing firms require the documents to operate. If a contractor doesn’t want to show their license or insurance the chances are that they might be operating legally and are not the right people for the job. Insurance will protect you from parting with lots of cash as, compensation if injury-causing accidents occur during the project.

Ask questions

Its necessary to ask all the burning questions that you might have concerning the materials the roofer will be using. In most cases, you will realize that roofers prefer to buy the materials for their clients. For this reason, you should work with a contractor that will give you a broad variety of options. For example, if you will be changing your shingles, then the new ones have to be of higher quality, same style, and maybe a different color.

Check budget

watch costRoofers Scarborough, it’s necessary that you look for contractors that provide high-end services at reasonable prices. If they are charging an hourly rate, then they should set the milestones that they wish to achieve within that given period.

As time passes by you might realize a few changes or maybe damage that will require repair or replacement. Like mentioned before, it’s not a simple task particularly if you know nothing about roofs or using the tools that are required for repair. Thus, you need to consider hiring roofers Scarborough that offers their clients nothing but first class service.…

concrete pattern

What You Need to Know About Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Patterned imprint concrete has become one of the popular choices in driveways. It is used as an alternative to the blocked paving that is known for deteriorating after a short time. Imprinted driveway can be customized to compliment the style of a house.

It is increasingly being used in the modern days because if its versatility. Again, it can be moulded easily it into any shape that fit your creative ideas or needs. Stamped concrete patterns come in different patterns, colours, and texture thereby giving the user a wide range of choice to choose from. You can enhance its appearance by applying a polished finish or a concrete stain.

With pattern imprinted concrete, the concrete’s layer is poured over the sub-base. This is then followed by applying a suitable colour. A colour hardener is also applied to this colour. A patterned matt is then applied to the wet concrete to create the required effect. Its designs range from Brickwork, Ashlar Stone to textured stone. The pattern imprinted concrete is helpful in giving the plain concrete an interesting finish as well as replicating the other materials.concrete pattern

Main benefits of pattern imprinted concrete

  • It is capable of covering large areas quickly.
  • Its appearance is enhanced by using is a colour and aligning its patterned matts
  • It comes in different shapes, styles, and finishes
  • It can be used in complimenting the look of a home by laying it in different patterns
  • It is stain resistant and wed free
  • Requires low maintenance, and it can be installed easily and quickly
  • It cannot sink or dislodge
  • It has a permanent texture and colour


  • It can crack. These cracks can also become large. It should be repaired more frequently to avoid the widening of crack
  • Repairs done when repairing the cracks might not match its original installation
  • It is non-permeable. This means that it can be affected by poor drainage
  • It must be broken out whenever access is required. This can lead to other issues because as it might fail to match its existing surface finish and colour.
  • It has an issue relating to maintenance and durability- the sealant applied for protecting its colour must be reapplied after every three to four years. This problem is very common in the heavily trafficked areas like the driveways.
  • Its sealant is slippery in winter making it very dangerous for the elderly and young children.


Main types of electronic door locks

Locks and keys have protected doors and people behind them for many years but today technology has changed how doors get locked. Electronic locks are replacing traditional key lock quickly. Although there are various types of electronic door locks, there are the main types which are available in the market and will ensure your house is safe. The following are the main electronic door lock types

Keypad lock


Some people do not consider these as electronic locks but speaking technically they qualify although they are a bit different from the traditional locks. Above the doorknob or handle, there is the keypad which is usually numbered from zero to nine. When you enter the code into the keypad, the door gets unlocked. It is convenient in situations that do not need the actual physical keys. With this type of electronic lock, you do not have to dig for the key, and when there are visiting guests, you can just give them the codes to come and go without having a key. The code can be changed if there is need to do so. This type of electronic lock offers minimal convenience since they still need to touch the lock key in the code physically.

Remote access locks

This type of electronic door lock is considered the most convenient and are the only ones that can improve your home security. Locking and unlocking the door is same as using a key fob but may be used if you are not home. You can manage them from anywhere you get internet connections. This lock integrates with your home security system and offers you the most convenience and security. With these locks you may od various things such as check to ensure children locked the door when they leave, unlock the door if a service person is coming to your home like a plumber or lock the door if you forgot when you left home.

Key fob locks

keyfob lockThese look like remote car locks whereby you activate the electronic door lock with the use of fob instead of manually entering codes on the keypad. The door can be unlocked or locked by pressing the button on the fob. These are more convenient than the keypad locks since you can lock the door when you leave or unlock when you get home if you are within several feet to your door. They do not, however, work over the internet like remote access locks.

Security is key for you and your property, and you, therefore, should invest in the best electronic door locks to keep your home safe. These are the main types from which you can choose.…


How to get the best living room furniture

Everybody loves living in a well decorated and furnished house. However, decorating your living room can be a very tedious task and on what makes it more tedious is choosing your furniture. Here are some tips that can help you to choose your living room furniture easily.

Measure the doorways

To avoid problems when the furniture pieces are delivered to you, you should measure up all the doorways and order furniture items that can be moved easily in and out of the doorway. This way you will prevent any damages that may occur when bringing in the furniture.doorway

Measure up

The first step to take is to get the measurements of your living room correct so that you get furniture of the right size. Ensure that you the breath, length, and width of your walls carefully. This way you will be sure that the furniture you buy will fit your living.

Create floor plans

The next thing you have to do is to make a floor plan of your living room on a grid paper. This helps you in deciding how much space you will spare for your furniture and how much space will be free space left in the living room.

Staging the room

When you have settled on how much space you need to allow your furniture, you need to mark the spaces with a tape now so that you know what your room will look like when you finally get the furniture in. This will also help you to arrange the furniture quickly and easily.

Start the selection

When you have done all these things, you should start deciding on what to purchase. You have to consider the type of décor that the room has and vibe your house. When this is done, you must now pick out the exact things you want like armchairs and sofas.

Choose quality furniture pieces

Quality matters more than quantity so even though some pieces may cost more, it is wise to choose the best quality of furniture over flimsy ones since they will last longer. Ensure that you check the fabric making the sofa and the chairs and buy those of good quality.


coordinationAfter all, is done, you want the living room to look pleasing to the eyes and beautiful. You, therefore, must see that the pieces of furniture you buy go well and are coordinated with each other. Nobody wants a piece of furniture that is not going with another in the living room as they will look disorderly and awkward. Ensure that the pieces you buy gel well with each other.

These are the most important tips when it comes to buying furniture for your living room.…


Welcome to the BIEAP and FREMP Website

The Burrard Inlet Environmental Action Program (BIEAP) and the Fraser River Estuary Management Program (FREMP) are inter-governmental partnerships established to coordinate the environmental management of two significant aquatic ecosystems in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia – Burrard Inlet and the Fraser River Estuary.

BIEAP and FREMP function through Memoranda of Understanding which establish the framework for the coordination of partner agencies. Since 1996, the two partnership programs have been jointly administered from an office located in Burnaby, British Columbia.

Suite 501, 5945 Kathleen Avenue
Burnaby, British Columbia V5H 4J7

Telephone: 604.775.5756
Fax: 604.775.5198
e-mail: mail@bieapfremp.org


Some photographs appear on this site courtesy of the Fraser River Port Authority and the Vancouver Port Authority.…