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All You Need to Know About Commercial 3 Compartment Sinks

Three compartment sinks are often used in commercial establishment thanks to their versatility. You can also have them at home considering that the needs of a modern home are almost similar to those of a restaurant. Ideally, a commercial 3 compartment sink is a worthy addition especially when your sink is a busy workstation. Most homeowners especially those with these sinks do not have an idea of how to use these sinks. With that in mind, this article takes a closer look at what it takes to use these sinks.

Cleaning vs. sanitizing

cleaning on a sink

It can be of great help to look at the difference between cleaning and sanitizing. As much as the definition of these two words might seem obvious to many, understanding the difference goes a long way in enhancing the use of the sink. Ideally, sanitizing is meant to remove pathogen levels in utensils whereas cleaning is meant to remove visible elements on the surface. The only common thing with these cleaning methods is that they use chemicals or detergents and some water.

Commercial 3 compartment sink

Besides using a dishwasher, three compartments sinks are important in any kitchen. Ideally, the three compartments in this sinks are used for washing, rinsing and sanitizing in that order. This makes the dishwashing process effective.

How to use a three-compartment sink

First sink

The first sink should be filled with hot and soapy water. Before dipping your utensils on this sink, it is advisable to do some scrapings and dispose them into the garbage can. After that, immerse the utensils in this water and wash them using a brush.

Second sink

The second compartment is primarily meant for rinsing purposes. This water should be preferably filled with warm water. The essence of rinsing is to remove excess detergents from the utensils. This leaves them looking clean and also free from the aroma of the soap.

Third sink

neat kitchen sinkThe third sink is mostly used to sanitize your dishes. Here, you might fill the sink with water and add some sanitizer. When using chemicals, be sure to use approved ones and use the right amounts. The second option is to have the water maintained at high temperatures. The dishes are expected to stay here is not more than 30 seconds.

If you would like to complete your kitchen work fast and move to activities you consider important, a three-compartment sink can be an excellent addition. Pans, pots, and glassware are best washed manually. This explains why installing this sink your kitchen is necessary.